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1st Place

4 Dudes, 1 Cup

  1. Scott Palmer
  2. Mike Del Vecchio
  3. Will Berry
  4. John Karamalikis

2nd Place

Royal Flush

  1. Mike Blechschmidt
  2. Todd Ivens
  3. Martijn Gerrits
  4. Aaron Mermelstein

3rd Place

On a Wim

  1. Josh Tieman
  2. Markus Gonsalves
  3. Wim Bos
  4. Austin Peck

4th Place

Historical Difference

  1. Kane Kalas
  2. Dan Neilson
  3. Jesse Silvia
  4. Ryan Hall

Notable Performances - Mouse Over on Image to see details


Mike Blechschimidt

118 Points, 26 more than the Ping Pong: Won bracket allowing opponents a second highest score!

Top Golf

Mike Blechschmidt

31 Points, a new Vegas Olympics record. Just 5 points shy of a perfect score!

Ping Pong

John Karamalikis

Won bracket allowing opponents a combined fewer than 5 points!

Individual Events

Mike Blechschmidt

Won his bracket in ping pong and squash. Placed 2nd in his bracket in horseshoes (5-1 record in individual events)


Will Berry

Won bracket with a ringer percent > 20%


Kane Kalas

Averaged 201, 42 pins over this years 2nd highest average and a new Vegas Olympics record.

Olympics MVP - Scott Palmer