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1st Place

Tame You Now

  • Kane Kalas (Captain)
  • Joe Hebert
  • Tamer Alkamli
  • Benjamin Pappas

2nd Place

Mighty LUNAs

  • Mike Lech (Captain)
  • Will Berry
  • Jerry Wong
  • Alex Keating

3rd Place

Madison Last Lock

  • Jai Bellani (Captain)
  • Sean Iannucci
  • Bryce Gilleland
  • Clayton Jiang

4th Place

Hoosier Daddy

  • Dylan Smith (Captain)
  • Jake Schwartz
  • Justin Yaker
  • Brian Fisher

Notable Performances - Mouse Over on Image to see details

Ping Pong

Jai Bellani

Jai plays competitive ping pong and dominated his bracket

Vegas Olympics Historical Best ✔️


Alex Keating

Allowed 0 runs in 3 games pitching

Cy Young winner

Axe Throwing

Will Berry (& The Mighty LUNAs)

38 Points (average was 22.85)

Of 20 Vegas Olympics participants, every member of the Mighty LUNAs scored in the top 5 (above 30pts)

Vegas Olympics Historical Best ✔️


Bryce Gilleland

3-0 Record

Vegas Olympics Historical Best ✔️

Bocce Ball

Brian Fisher

Brian plays in a bocce league and won his bracket handedly

Vegas Olympics Historical Best ✔️


Tamer Alkamli

8 goals in 3 games

Twice as many as the player with the 2nd most


Will Berry

Will did not allow opponents to score more than 10 points

Vegas Olympics Historical Best ✔️

Round Robin Champion

Kane Kalas

1st: Tennis, Cornhole, and Darts brackets
Did Not Place: Bocce bracket, Ping Pong bracket

8-2 total record

Vegas Olympics MVP - Kane Kalas