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2013 Complete History

1st Place: 2nd Place:

Team Lettuce

Team Europe

Captain: Scott Palmer Captain: Alessandro Pizzolotto
Jason Webster Kane Kalas
Joshua Tieman Martijn Gerrits
Dennis Keift Floris Tonino
Gold_Medal Silver_Medal
Olympic MVP:
Jason Webster


Notable Performances

Jason Webster Floris Tonino
Basketball: 40 points (in game to 60) with over 75% shooting from the field Homerun Derby: 9 homeruns (of a possible 15)
Jason_Webster_2 Floris_Tonino
Dennis Kieft Josh Tieman “The Pusher”
Soccer: 3 of Team Lettuce’s 4 goals Darts: 4-0 record in darts, including the final game to clinch the Olympics
download.php 4
Floris Tonino Kane Kalas
Pool: 4-0 record Shuffleboard: 4-0 record
Floris_Tonino_2 5