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2014 Complete History

1st Place: 2nd Place:

No Gamble, No Future

Wildcard Bitches

Captain: Josh Tieman Captain: Scott Palmer
Mike Blechschmidt Kane Kalas
Adam Johnson Chris Sparks
Andrew Kappes Smith Collins
Gold_Medal Silver_Medal
Olympic MVP
Mike Blechschmidt


Notable Performances

Adam Johnson
Foosball: 4-0 record. No opponent scored more than 1 goal against him.
Mike Blechschmidt Josh Tieman
Soccer: Scored 5 of No Gamble, No Future’s 8 goals Table Shuffleboard: 4-0 record
Mike_Blechschmidt_notable_performance_soccer Josh_Tieman_notable_performance_shuffleboard
Mike Blechschmidt Kane Kalas
Tennis: 4-0 record Ping Pong: 4-0 record
Mike_Blechschmidt_notable_performance_tennis Kane_Kalas_notable_performance_ping_pong
Scott Palmer Josh Tieman
Ping Pong: 4-0 record Foosball: 4-0 record
Scott_Palmer_notable_performance_ping_pong Josh_Tieman_notable_performance_foosball