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2018 old

2018 Complete History

1st Place – Guys Gone Wild

Left to Right: Todd Ivens, Evan Panesis, Josh Tieman, Will Berry

2nd Place - Ass 2 Mouth

Left to Right: Wim Bos, Aaron Mermelstein, John Karamalikis, Jesse Silvia

3rd Place - Emergency C0K

Left to Right: Prateek Gupta, Michael Braak, Mike Blechschmidt, Scott Palmer

4th Place - Bust My Douglas

Left to Right: Claytn Jiang, Martijn Gerrits, Kane Kalas, (Ben Pappas)

Notable Performances

Will Berry

Archery: 122 points

Mike Blechschmidt

Top Golf: 30 points

Wim Bos

Badminton/Beer Pong/Darts: Won his bracket in badminton and darts, placed second in his bracket in beer pong (5-1 record in individual events)